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An Experience of Softness and Freshness with Our Coniferous Soap Coniferous Soap – An Immersion in Lush Nature ...


An Experience of Softness and Freshness with Our Coniferous Soap

Coniferous Soap – An Immersion in Lush Nature

Discover the comfort of a forest haven with our Coniferous Soap. Mainly formulated with organic sunflower oil, this Quebec soap proves to be a sanctuary of nutrients for your skin, bursting with vitamins A, B, D and E, minerals and beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. These essential elements intensely revitalize and nourish the skin, proving particularly effective in repairing dry and damaged skin.

Made in Quebec: Natural Body Soap with Conifers

Moisturizing and Protective Formula: The integration of deodorized organic coconut oil, known for its moisturizing and softening properties, gives this natural soap the ability to form a protective barrier, thus preserving the hydration and natural softness of your skin. The addition of extra virgin almond oil, an exceptional emollient, provides a unique velvety softness, suitable for all skin types, whether sensitive or oily.

Sensory Awakening in the Forest: Coniferous Soap not only nourishes and moisturizes, it is also an invitation to awaken the senses. Coniferous essential oils unfold a powerful and refreshing fragrance, perfectly suited to bringing a touch of serenity to your daily life. These, with antibacterial and expectorant properties, also help neutralize odors and can be used by hunters wishing to blend in with the aroma of coniferous forests.

A Treasure of Quebec: Handmade and inspired by the richness of Quebec nature, this soap is a must-have for those looking for an authentic and local skincare experience. Treat yourself to this treasure of soap with remarkable virtues for sublimated skin and a sensory experience immersed in the lushness of coniferous forests.

Weight: 150g

100% natural

Ingredients : Organic sunflower oil, deodorized coconut oil, fair trade palm oil, raw shea butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, water, caustic soda, coniferous essential oil.

Warnings : Not recommended for children under 2 years old and pregnant women. Allow to dry between each use to extend its lifespan. Not tested on animals - Vegan.

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