Soap or Shower Gel: Which Choice for Your Skin?

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Savon ou Gel Douche : Quel Choix pour Votre Peau?

In our daily quest for cleanliness and well-being, the choice between handmade soaps and synthetic shower gels raises important questions. This artisanal soap, rich in natural oils, offers a gentle and ecological alternative. Should we opt for soap or shower gel? This question may seem trivial, but the differences between these two products are notable, especially when it comes to the impacts on our skin and our environment.

The Virtues of Handmade Soap


Shower gel, often formulated with synthetic detergents, provides a rich lathering experience but can sometimes be harsh on the skin. On the other hand, natural soap is made mainly from vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, which nourish and protect the skin.

Environmental impact

Natural soaps, biodegradable and without plastic packaging, have a lower ecological impact compared to shower gels which use plastic packaging and often contain less environmentally friendly ingredients.

The Virtues of Natural Soap

Natural soap doesn't just clean, it takes care of your skin. Sunflower oil-based soaps provide deep hydration thanks to their rich vitamin and antioxidant contents. Additionally, unlike shower gels which may contain synthetic fragrances and preservatives, natural soaps often use organic ingredients which minimize the risk of allergies and irritation.

Why Choose Handmade Soap?

A soap steeped in history

Natural soap has been recognized for its purity and effectiveness for centuries. Traditionally made from vegetable oils, this soap is not only gentle on the skin, but also on the environment. It is free from harsh chemical compounds found in many shower gels.

Benefits for the skin

This iconic soap doesn't just clean, it deeply nourishes the skin. Ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive, Handmade Soap helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance.

Little History of Marseille Soap

Soap, the first traces of which date back to antiquity, has been perfected over the centuries. It was in Marseille that this product really took off, transforming the city into a central point for the production of quality soap thanks to the abundance of local oils.

Guide to Choosing Your Soap

For those looking to incorporate natural soap into their daily routine, here are some tips:

  • Opt for soaps with nutrient-rich plant oils, like organic sunflower oil soap for added hydration.
  • Check the provenance and manufacturing method to ensure quality and authenticity.
  • Prefer soaps without synthetic additives for a more natural and healthy experience.

Choosing between soap and shower gel can depend on many personal and environmental factors. However, natural soaps , and particularly Savon de Marseille , offer an alternative that is beneficial both for your skin and for the planet. By adopting these natural products, you contribute to a healthier life and a more sustainable world.

According to Rampal Latour , soaps made from natural oils like Savon de Marseille offer multiple benefits for the skin and the environment.

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