Maple Syrup Celebration: The Essence of Quebec Spring at home

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We are extremely proud at Pando&Co , your online reference for body and home well-being, to lift the veil on our most recent and innovative initiative to date: the Maple Collection . This exclusive collection celebrates the richness of Quebec maple syrup, an emblem of our heritage, by creatively integrating it into scented candles, wax cubes, artisanal soaps, and room mists. Each product is designed to bring a touch of Quebec spring to your interior, thanks to the use of natural maple syrup oils.

Celebration of Quebec Maple Syrup

At the heart of our new product line, Quebec maple syrup stands out for its exceptional qualities. We have explored this natural resource from top to bottom to bring you maple products that not only capture the essence of this liquid gold, but also benefit from its beneficial properties. Pando&Co 's Maple collection represents a perfect fusion of traditional heritage and contemporary benefits, providing deep hydration and an unparalleled sensory experience.

A Unique Offer in Quebec

Pando&Co is proudly positioned as the only distributor in Quebec of this innovative range of maple candles, maple soap, wax cubes and room mists enriched with Quebec maple syrup. This exclusivity underlines our commitment to offering distinctive products that celebrate the authenticity and richness of our terroir. Each element of our collection has been meticulously designed to evoke the soft and comforting sensations of spring in Quebec, transforming your living space into a haven of peace and well-being.

Why Adopt the Maple Collection?

Adopting our maple collection goes beyond a simple purchasing decision; it is an immersion in a way of life that favors quality, well-being and respect for Quebec traditions. By integrating our maple-scented candles, our artisanal soaps, our wax cubes, and our ambient mist into your daily life, you are choosing an olfactory and sensory experience that recalls the beauty and purity of Quebec. In addition, you support local craftsmanship and the use of natural products, thus contributing to a sustainable and responsible economy.

Discover the Maple Collection at Pando&Co

We warmly invite you to explore our website to discover the richness of the Maple Collection as well as our vast assortment of products for body and home well-being. At Pando&Co , each candle, soap, wax cube, and maple room mist is an ode to Quebec spring, designed to elevate your well-being experience to a higher level.

Join us in this celebration of Quebec maple syrup and let Pando&Co guide you towards well-being inspired by the nature and traditions of our beautiful province.

We look forward to supporting you at Pando&Co.

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